New Anti-smoking Laws Ban Menthol Cigarettes

Menthol cigarettes are banned following the introduction of new anti-smoking laws. Introduced on the 20th May it is now an offence for manufacturers to produce Menthol cigarettes and an offence for retailers to sell them.

The ban is part of a government drive to deter young people from taking up smoking, as they are thought to mistakenly believe the flavoured characteristic makes the habit less harmful.

The ban forms part of the new EU Tobacco Product Directive laws and supports existing UK laws which already make it illegal to sell Menthol cigarettes in packs of more than 20.

The change does not see the ban extended to Menthol filters, but it will be illegal to sell them packaged with cigarettes or tobacco.

Campaigners have welcomed the ban as Menthol cigarettes have long been viewed as a ‘child-friendly starter product’ as Menthol makes it easier to smoke and to inhale the smoke deep into the lungs.

Evidence has shown that Menthol smokers are also more likely to become heavily addicted and find it harder to quit. 

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Banning Menthol cigarettes may be just the nudge you needed to quit for good.

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