Falls Prevention

As one of the largest causes of serious injuries among the older population of the UK, helping to prevent falls is one of Everyone Health’s primary concerns. Not only do falls cause many injuries to older people, but they also act as a barrier, stopping people from maintaining their independence.

This is why we’re so keen to help by using our wealth of experience and our highly trained instructors to help combat the problem. Our falls prevention classes – which are run by the expert trainers – help service users build their lower body strength, balance and your confidence.

All of these helps reduce the chances of service users falling and, subsequently, injuring themselves, as well as helping empower older people into maintaining their independence by reducing their fear of falling. Furthermore, the programme helps older people stay active, getting them out of their homes, meeting new people and helping them improve both their mental and physical wellbeing.

Classes are held weekly and includes chair-based exercises for those who find it more difficult to stand, alongside a whole host of other exercises for service users to enjoy.

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