Social Isolation and Loneliness

If you’re feeling lonely or isolated from society, then we’re here to help. We will help those of you who are not, or don’t feel able to get out and about, seeing your friends, family and meeting new people on a regular basis.

Not only will maintaining a socially interactive life help improve your mental health and make you happier but avoiding social isolation will also improve your physical wellbeing as well. Studies indicate that loneliness can cause depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, becoming less mobile and increased mortality rates too. In fact, some studies suggest that loneliness can be as bad for you as smoking around 15 cigarettes a day.

Our highly trained team will identify if you are at risk of becoming lonely or isolated and set in motion a four-step programme to help you avoid loneliness. You’ll be allocated your own staff member who will organise home visits or regular telephone appointments with you and help make you aware of access services to help you get out and about, all the while maintaining your independence.

We can also help you make use of technology to stop yourself from becoming isolated. For example, we are running a pilot scheme using tablet computers which will enable you to use video calling technology to keep in touch with other service users, and we can keep in touch with you too. We’ll be giving out five iPads initially as part of the scheme and we will be teaching recipients how to use them to stay in touch with one another, as well as loved ones.

You’ll also be put in touch with local community groups and shown how to get in touch with the Silver Line telephone helpline should you need it.

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